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Hi guys, so to kick off let me just explain a little bit about the purpose of this blog. The main aim is to get people like myself who are interested in great work in advertising discussing what makes the work great. To understand the correlation between great creative copy and artwork and how well these two elements can result in capturing the imagination of the consumer and ultimately how well they sell a client’s product (which, lets face it, is what this £20bn a year industry is all about!)

So I’m going to be taking a look at a varying range of ads from print to television, direct to indirect and everything in between.

From classic ground breaking print ads of the yesteryear right up to today’s top eye-catching digital work that saturates our everyday lives through the buzz of a viral campaign. Some obvious award winners to a few lesser known Ads that in my personal opinion really hit the mark.

As the industry has grown and evolved along with consumer demands, social attitudes, economy, environment and society in general one thing has remained a constant behind the conception of a campaign.  How well a piece of Advertising can penetrate the consumer’s conscience on a personal and intimate level. That is the difference between a good Ad and a great Ad that will make a client’s target market part with their hard earned money. This is the goal and that is what the great pieces of work that I feature on this blog have all achieved in one way or another.

Of course that is my personal opinion. You may only agree to a certain extent or not at all. Maybe there is no right or wrong answers which is why creatives continue to find new and exciting ways to  show case a product to the world.

Whether you agree with me or not I’d love to hear some feed back from you. If you’re an industry insider or if like me you just have an interest in the advertising process please feel free to comment on the Ads that I post or even better throw your own two cents in the hat and let me know what your favourite Ads are, why you like them and what it is about them that you think makes them work!

So without further a do I hope you enjoy my blog and the inspiring work that is presented.