Ad/Campaign: Phillips cinema 21:9 LCDtv ‘Carousel’

Agency: Tribal DDB (DDB’s interactive web branch) Amsterdam

Creatives: Adam Berg (Director) and Mark Pytlik (Stinkdigital exec producer)

Below The Line digital CTA (Call To Action) marketing at its most captivating. This Web based short film won The Grand prix in the film category at the Cannes Lions international advertising festival (only the second online advertisement to do so) through its technical mastery and innovative take on digital marketing.

The Ad launched online in January of 2009 was designed to generate interest in the new Phillips cinema 21:9 LCDtv. Phillips contracted Tribal DDB Amsterdam to create a campaign based around a website. Rather than designing a website around the product explaining the television’s all singing all dancing qualities in text, photos and video lectures (essentially laying out all the boring, extensive info in front of the user) the creative team went with an approach which ultimately lead the user to want to find out more of their own accord. The concept of the website was to intrigue the user, to make them experience its different facets all the while spending more time in the company of the product and learning more about it. This approach results in the product being ingrained in the user’s brain turning them into potential consumers. The definition of CTA advertising as the potential consumer does all the work for you.

So to get a visiting web user hooked they had to come up with something so visually interesting that it would compel the click of a mouse to find out more. That something was ‘Carousel’.

A single tracking shot around a frozen set piece with a slowly unfolding narrative. Teaming engaging visuals and a hypnotic score by Michael Fakesch, director Adam Berg was brought on board to capture a similar concept demonstrated in his commercial for JC Jeans. Pre and Post production was provided by London Based production house ‘Stinkdigital’ whose Executive Producer Mark Pytlik worked with Berg to come up with a narrative that would allow both striking visuals and a growing sense of intrigue. A botched armored van robbery was the sequence they settled on, following a crew of armed robbers trying to make their escape through a hospital ward. Filmed with a 21:9 aspect ratio the piece itself runs at 2 minutes 19 seconds adding a a few other ‘219’s placed strategically around the film using subliminal messaging whilst presenting to us a little known method of story telling where from a first person perspective we move throughout the frozen moment of action slowly piecing together the linear narrative in one single shot. The finer details of the captivating visuals on display here are clearly better experienced in a greater aspect ratio demonstrating that as filming technology becomes more advanced so must the vessel from which we view it.

Heres the clever marketing bit. Because the user is already drawn in by the short film they want to know how this relatively new filming concept is achieved. This is where the website offered 3 other short mini clips where all the effects added in post are removed and any of the rigging used during production reappears with accompanying explanations from various people involved linking in the 21:9 element. The user has now spent at least 10 minutes voluntarily on the website and has also learnt about the product out of their own inquisitiveness.

The nature of the campaign allowed the piece to go viral, viewing figures being over half a million in just over two weeks with celebrity endorsement from such current pop culture figures as Ashton Kutcher and Kanye West directing people to the website via Twitter.
50 Cent used the video at the start of his music video “Ok you’re alright” (Actually having it shown on the Phillips LCDtv itself).

This multi faceted Carousel campaign excelled through a captivating video on an interactive and informative webpage resulting in Phillips 21:9 LCDtv going viral.

Rae Ann Fera of Boards (an international trade publication for the advertising community) stated:
“The Grand Prix winner was thrilling for [several] reasons. First, that an online-only film with well-integrated interactivity won the top Film award further signals the future direction of the industry.”

Future advertisers would be wise to take note.


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